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  • sixstring wrote: »
    mc-ter stegen
    spl-al buraik
    liga nos-almeida
    bundesliga-da costa
    la liga-cazorla

    yet to pack a decent player or super sub

    .just wondering m8 is Da Costa any good at RB m8 .?
    i played him in my last 7 wl games on 7 chem. he will not concede back post headers.
    he is decent.
  • sixstring
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    BabaTAN wrote: »
    I packed Keepers in almost all Guarantees. Onana walked out on me's just too "amazing"..

    Wow! .. that's sickening m8, I prob wouldn't do another one or not even play the game anymore if that had happened to me .EA just keeps giving ....NOT
  • Amdp9
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    Packed Tadic I guess can’t complain 95 rated SBC fodder and today from Italian SBC another fodder 94 rated Ilicic well I shall complete another icon just to do it lol
  • Jimmi855
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    I’ve done ok. So far.

    Saudi - Ukrainian GK
    LIGA NOS - Bruno Fernandes
    Prem - Laporte
    Community - busquets
    Bundesliga - da Costa
    La Liga - Aspas
    Eredivisie - van Persie
    Seria A - Correa

    Still use. All bar the goalkeeper and will buy gomez for the strong link to Correa.

    Just under two million for roughly a 250k ish outlay.

    I’m 100% getting a goalkeeper now though in ligue 1!
  • ragesh91
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    Saudi - 83? LB
    LIGA NOS - Rafa
    Prem - B. Silva
    Bundesliga - Sommer
    La Liga - Canales
    Eredivisie - Oooo Na na
    Seria A - Lazzari

  • Swissy
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    MC - Rodri
    EFL - Tammy
    Prem - Ederson
    Saudi - Petros
    Bundes - Trap
    Liga Nos - Acuna
    BBVA - Aspas
    Turkish - Gunok
    Serie A - Mancini
    Erdivise - dumfries

    So yeah absolutely tragic pulls
  • Yermawfc
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    MC - Rodri
    EFL - skipped it
    Prem - alisson
    Saudi - skipped it
    Bundes - havertz
    Liga Nos - telles
    BBVA - skipped it
    Turkish - skipped it
    Serie A - sirigu
    Erdivise - skipped it

    cant grumble
  • Bigfootisblurry
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    MC - Ibra
    Saudi - 86 CB
    PL - Fernandinho
    Liga NOS - Seferovic
    Bundes - Sommer
    Turkish - Emre
    La Liga - Aspas
    Eredivisie - Onana
    Serie A - Correa

    It's pretty much been down hill since the first one but can't complain.
  • Azablucky
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    Only ones I have done was:

    EPL - Allison
    La Liga - Jordi Alba
    Serie A - Zapata

    Glad I finally got a striker
  • aladdin
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    edited June 12
    out the ones i did i’ve got sommer, sirigu, oblak and ederson. looool. absolute bait
  • nitraw
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    mc-taglifiaco (im sure i butchered that horribly)
    bpl-tots auba(!!!!) best pull ive had this fifa by far. i'm not quite sold on him being a 3m striker cause he is consistently outperformed by my prime raul, but still a helluva pull
    nos-that greek gk
    bundesliga-sommer gk
    la liga- aspas
    eridivisie- de jong (another amazing pull)

    didnt do serie a and i probably wont. just nobody i would use outside of nain and ronaldo obv. and i'd have to redo my teams. i have some really good untradeables that would be a little difficult to hybrid (i.e. auba)

    overall i def cannot complain about these tots packs. i got blessed last year too (remember pulling tots goretzka and trying to redo my whole team to fit him in)
  • Darfi02
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    MC Busquets
    EFL Walker
    Prem Laporte
    Saudi Al Zubaidi
    Bundes Kostic
    Turkish some 88 mid
    nos Rafa
    La Liga Parejo
    Eredivisie Nothing refused to do
    Serie A Koulibaly
  • shapi33
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    Serie A:Sirigu
    Thats my luck...
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