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Tots havertz?

199 posts Sunday League Hero
edited June 2019
Is the hype real, is he really that good? would he work as an striker?


  • Yes,yes and no.


  • tfadgreef
    565 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Yes, yes, yes. He is class as st
  • basdost_goat
    302 posts Sunday League Hero
    The hypes real but I wouldn't say there was a massive difference between it and his FS card like you'd probably expect.
  • Williejno1
    3111 posts National Call-Up
    Yes yes and yes he’s the best striker I’ve used this game
    I actually sold prime gullet to get him and don’t regret it one bit
    He has totally outclassed Toty mbappe in goal and assist return per a game
  • DannySTFC
    2229 posts Fans' Favourite
    I’m using his FS card as I can’t afford the TOTS and probably wouldn’t want to load that many coins into it anyway, still think his FS is one of the best cards on the game.
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