Major League TOTS SBC Pulls



  • nitraw
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    i really wanted a cb or a winger or one of the big boys (obv) for la liga. i would've been content w/ a gk too. Aspas was one of the least wanted one from my end. lots of others would've slotted right into a starting spot in my la liga team.

    so now i gotta either redo that whole team or put him at cam in 433 4, which might be a very good spot for him for all i know
  • Mr_footballer1
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    Prem: Laporte
    Bundesliga: Trapp
    La Liga: Messi
  • RoosterBlue
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    Bernardo Silva
    Trapp - waste of space, worst GK I've ever used
    Lala B)

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  • passpassshootpost
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    Da Costa (untradable duplicate)

    Serie A I’ll prob get De Paul. As ea love giving me the D
  • Retro_G
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    La Liga: Banaga
  • Gripbrah
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  • Bristolsmithy
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    Da Costa
    Also packed Witsel in one of the standard bundesliga upgrades, well pleased
  • v4vendetta1978
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    Prem Ederson
    Bundes Witsel
    La Liga ter stegen


  • BlackFridayRule
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  • GT500
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    RayS wrote: »
    I mistakenly read that as "Major League Soccer." I leave disappointed

  • GT500
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    Alisson, Trapp, Alba
  • GTaylor
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    But picked up red Reus and Jovic
  • Double_D
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    Wijanldum - quite happy actually

    I can’t even recall who I got for Bundesliga so must have been exceptional. Maybe I didn’t even do it. Idk

    La Liga - Borja Iglesias. Terrible. I think I would have been ok with anyone but this guy. Not even usable to convert to a midfielder. Not to mention I have Stuani who is decent but not much better than the NIF Suarez I had been using.
  • DannySTFC
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    MC - Allan
    PL - Robertson
    Bundes - da Costa
    La Liga - Djene

    Red picks have included Bernardo Silva and Telles.

    I guess that’s probably above average for luck. I use Allan, Telles, da Costa along with TOTS Goretzka from the SBC in my starting XI. Robertson and Bernardo Silva on the bench, that Djene actually looks really good defensively other then his height but I wouldn’t use him with Desailly and Blanc untradable CBs already, probably end up in an SBC.
  • Caddy
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    No matter what league ive done, i get the keeper everytime.
  • BasDostscp
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    Trent Alexander Arnold
    Didn t do the Bundesliga
  • Mark_0208
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    MC: N’dombele
    PL: TAA
    Bundesliga: bloody Kampl
    La Liga: WBY

    Pretty happy overall with those results! Not to mention packing tradeable TOTS Hazard :D
  • JoeLloyd
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    Sadio Mane (very happy)
    Demirbay (Super Sub, fairly happy with that)
    Djene (Will make the next guaranteed TOTS cheaper i guess)

    Unless i get something massive now, nothing else will make my final team so not really bothered about who i pull atm.
  • Trent Alexander Arnold
    Serge Gnabry
    Wissam Ben Yedder
  • RileyD
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    RileyD wrote: »
    I've feel I've been pretty lucky with;

    Premier League - 94 Bernardo Silva
    Bundesliga - 93 Kostic
    La Liga - 96 Pique

    What you got so far chaps?

    Just managed to grab Di Maria in the Ligue 1 SBC after skipping Serie A. I'll find a way to fit him in haha.

    Who else have you guys managed to get?
  • IPedro
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    Da costa
    Ter stegan
  • Adam_MUFC
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    Maddison :(
    Da Costa :)
    Chiellini :|
    Fonte :(
  • PiotrLolo
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    If you really wanna know:

    PL: Bernardo Silva 94
    Bundesliga: Da Costa 92
    La Liga: Parejo 93
    Serie A: Gomez 95
    Uber Eats: Thiago Mendes 92
  • YB_11_
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  • fussydutchman
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    I have not been lucky:

    Prem: Alisson
    Bundes: Trapp
    La Liga: Ter Stegen
    Serie A: Sirigu
    Ligue 1: Atal
  • Thejuves
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    Madison,ter stergen,rm icalcio a 87 ,da costa ,st french 88 lol
  • Dennovic
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    Can (MC)
    Bernardo Silva
    Da Costa
    Jesus Navas
  • Stormnl
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    Spanish was some random defender
  • Boozad
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  • SanderFC
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    SanderFC wrote: »
    Bernardo Silva
    Da Costa
    Ter Stegen

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