PIM Cruyff Movement

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Jeez I'm down to my last 3.5M taxes killed me this TOTS.. I can craft PIM Cruyff for less then 2mil and completed the icon part when they released the SBC..

I will play him ST but having a hate/love relationship with him this year.. Already tried all his card even the PIM just don't know what do..

I Really loved Cruyff IRL and also lost my dad to cancer, main reason I want him in my starting 11 more as a statement..

Running the stand up 2 cancer KIT since release..


  • AlbinoXI
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    The guy pisses greatness complete it already
  • Guvnor
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    I have the 94, he’s godly, go for it.
  • tfadgreef
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    Can't you play him as CAM? As a striker he lacks physical presence
  • Invincibility
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    Just bought TOTS Griezmann for 2.25M Need to make sure I ain't wasting my coins at completing Cruyff.. They do look similar Cruyff a bit higher in balance and 5WF
  • truegunn3r
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    Might sound strange but trust me and play him at striker with a sentinel. Gives him 82 strength which is borderline acceptable for a striker and 77 jumping and 76 heading which atleast means he can head from not being able to
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