Strategy for completing assists with La liga defenders ?

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Strategy for completing assists with La liga defenders ?
Play 541 and put WB on LM and RM and on on CM? , But Also need to win


  • Nodge86
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    I moved 82 upfront in game in a diamond-2. Half was with Pele but the other half was with UCL Balde doing that objective too.

    Edit: sorry, 82 Gaya.
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  • Peewee916
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    I might switch TOTS Alba up top in game tbh
  • AzizaG
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    Ill put my TOTY Ramos untradeable at CAM :)
  • Lodge
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    Gold Marcelo at cam. Started him left back then moved him up and subbed tots digne left back
  • MajorMash
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    Navas TOTS to LW, cross abuse to Ibra back post. Dirty, but works a treat
  • Moy
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    Try using a LB or RB taking corners
  • gdal73
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    It has been very easy to complete. Started with 5-3-2 and two decent full backs (I had Filipe Luis and Sergi Roberto) and a CB with passing abilities ( I tried Godin on Loan from weekly objective and did the job fine). I then switch to 3-5-2 and bring the CB as CAM and full backs as LM and RM. Assists was made 50-50 between Luis and Godin, Sergi Roberto had none. Took me 10 games to complete...Forgot to mention, it also helps if you have a CDM who can plays as CB (I had Fut birthday Boating)...
  • Saekerhett
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    I did it with a 4-3-3 with Alba and Odriozola on LW and RW (position change to LWB and RWB for 7 chemistry) and then spam crosses and corners with them. Once I got the assist, I switched Alba back to LB and subbed my standard wingers on. Took me about 10 or 11 games (division 3).
  • SomeLegend
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    Pass the ball👍
  • Seanspence31
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    Game is pathetic that people are forced to spam tornado crosses, get their assist and then kill the clock
  • SuperSonicSean
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    Buy Marcelo and IF Semedo and start them as LW and RW on 7 chem. Use a CB like Djene at CDM if you need more assisting options.
  • bberger
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    Just get NIF Marcelo and a tall striker. El Tornado crosses all day and corners..
  • Seanspence31
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    bberger wrote: »
    Just get NIF Marcelo and a tall striker. El Tornado crosses all day and corners..

    I don’t play like that. Even if I wanted to I wouldn’t be able to do it. The fact that is a strategy let’s you know how stupid this is. I’m not even gonna try anymore
  • Nervous_Nick
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    Marcelo at cam worked fine for me
  • Seanspence31
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    The problem is getting the goal and then winning the game. In D1, the people are relentless and everyone has 88+ rated teams
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