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Not sure if this is true, but I've heard that that some people just play this part of the game, just buy and sell cards...
if so that's pretty sh*t they just drive the price of the cards so high that they just spend the rest of their life stuck in the market.
Its hard enough for me to get coins and I refuse to spend more real money on Fifa points to get the players I want, I've grafted my arse off trying to get the team i have.
I understand that if you pack a special card and you don't need it, yeah try and sell it for as much as you can so you can get a player you need good business but [email protected] that price people like me out of the market need culling.
For instance I'm after a EPL CB so was looking
at Davidson Sanchez UCLRTTF card it started at 30,500 yeah cheap I know but I was bidding, it stayed quite reasonable till 2 mins yo go then wham straight out of the blue it went upto 200,000 then kept going the last 30 secs lasted nearly 5 mins, end price 315,000 dont even know if he's worth that but if the guy wants to use him fair enough but there are cards with buy now price of 320,000.
I reckon that that will just go back on the market starting at 400,000 or something stupid and it will just sit there with nobody buying it.



  • freakjas
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    Tbh i agree. Its nearly impossible to get deals on bid on playstation anymore.
    Cards are sometimes selling for a few k more than the lowest bin which is crazy
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