FUT19 Carryover to FUt20



  • madwullie
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    People actually calling EA a disgrace because your coin balance doesn't carry over from one year to the next?

    My god.
  • ImAtrocious
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    Don't like the idea at all - I'd be less inclined to play if items and coins carried over from one year to the next.
  • o0OainavO0o
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    Kouli06 wrote: »
    Only 3 things carry over:

    1. Fifa points
    2. Your EA sports catalogue credits/XP
    3. And most importantly DISAPPOINTMENT!
    4. Kits (I always have certain EA kits carry over)

  • Mrhey31
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    It should but it wont. If it did then there would be to many coins and the market would not work.
  • D14
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    D14 wrote: »
    Rich2015 wrote: »
    D14 wrote: »
    Rich2015 wrote: »
    People saying about it being unfair for new players is just excusing EA for disgusting practices.

    Of course it should carry over,new people would soon accumulate players and coins

    You watch the game carry over when the gambling is banned

    The world has genuinely gone mad, It's people with this "it's gambling" mentality that have honestly ruined what was a fantastic and probably the most enjoyable game mode.

    It's not gambling, you get exactly what it says, they now tell you the odds of what you get, what more do you want? Shall we ban the sale of trading cards aswell, kids that grew up in the Pokemon era and bought trading cards, this is literally no different other than it goes from having a physical card to a virtual card...

    Nothing should ever carry over, or should all the guns, prestige tokens etc carry over from the Call of Duties of the world etc... New game, new start, level playing field for everyone.

    And it's people like YOU and your view that keeps us in this mess of bad gameplay with EA putting money over everything else.

    The world has gone mad when people think it is acceptable to put GAMBLING in video games that children play

    Gambling is when you put your money into something and risk getting nothing back, this isn't the case with Fifa packs, you get 100% of what you are told you will get every time. You aren't guaranteed to get a good player each pack, same way you didn't get Charizard etc in every Pokemon card pack...

    The problem with gameplay is that no matter what there will always be exploits, they could create the perfect game and the community will always find a glitch or exploit to gain an advantage, its nature to want to win and be successful, considering the reward system is based on winning you will always find people looking to break the system to be the best.

    People that pass across the box as a prime example, it can't be patched because it's a real life event that could happen but its probably the most frustrating way to concede.

    This just isn't true at all. You don't have to risk not getting anything back for it to be considered gambling. Gambling is placing money or something of value to have the chance of getting uncertain money or goods in return.

    Opening packs in FIFA is placing money with the uncertainty of what goods you will get in return. Tbh I would consider buying FPs to open packs not knowing what you get in return as a form of gambling. And it's out of control.

    How is it out of control, because the minority don't like that they don't get good cards? Its literally no different from buying any form of trading card, or any form of sealed packet that reveals a toy, or shall we just say with the mcdonalds happy meals now, no toys because it's gambling.
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