FIFA19 an unrealistic arcade soccer game

Awful physics. Players running into coverage all the time, auto interceptions (I call them magnetic legs), predefined routines that lead to a high interception rate when the goalie passes the ball or any defender inside the box or around it.
In real football, most goals are scored within the box from about 11 to 20m central position and mainly because of accurate passing. In FIFA it's longshots, crosses and skill moves that make the difference.
Defending is almost impossible because you can only control one, a maximum of two players at a time and the rest of the players stop running or sprinting at a predefined line or don't cover. Even if you are in perfect position to tackle, passes through your defender('s legs) are very common. And then there are offensive rebounds en masse. In your defending third, most blocked balls pop right back to an opponent.
As this is all programmed into the game there is no way to prevent that or to improve your own gameplay in that respect. It's just hard to play build-up, because at some point the computer will make an easy pass look like it's the hardest thing ever for a worldclass kicker. Consequently most players tend to use pressing and aggressive interceptions so the computer automatically intercepts many standard passes with a leg raise for them.
If you look at professional gamers, they also complain about the same points, because as a player you want control of the game and not the game having control over your play. In FIFA 19 the contrast between automated and programmed action and random play is way too high and therefore uncontrollable which makes this game no fun to play. Unresponsiveness, lack of tactical AI kill the rest of joy out of the game.


  • Mr_Echo58
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    Agreed yr comments above.EA be aware the majority wont invest in2 Thiefa20 due to yr arrogant wont fix policy.In financial terms Fifa20 can burn down.Due to the monies spent by a lot of us in this game we will support and share vids from utubers who highlight these issues.
    EA to late making fix promises now yr New game is due out.Fancey card game and stats aint making up for ingame control mechanics.
  • 95 pace marega feels like 40 pace and hes tots, passes are off shooting is abysmal, whats going on? such an awful game, but such a shame, fifa 20 can suck my ****
  • Peter66
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    This game is a joke...This game is a big lie...This game is monkey....This game left you to win some games and after downgrade your gameplay with sluggish reactions and boost your opponents team. This game help noobs with monkey goals.
    This game very often left you to score first and then downgrade your team and boost the opponent.
    I will never buy again fifa coins. Dont spend money to this game because it is a big lie
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  • Mr_Echo58
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    Agreed.Hate this game and its arrogant wont fix policy.To late EA with promises on fifa20.
    I am gonna be a fat Mosquito stuck in yr pants watching u squirm EA.People wake the F#CK up.
    Dont buy fifa20.
  • The_Mule11
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    That is exactly the problem. Developers have to walk a fine line between making a realistic game that is a true simulation of real football and making a competitive gaming experience. Making the game more realistic means adding more variance into the game. This means that there are variables, oftentimes hidden, added alongside player input to create a less "cookie cutter" like experience. Ultimately this results in taking some degree of control away from the player. A simulation of fallible humans doing complex, difficult moves, yet accomplishing everything like perfect robots isn't realistic.

    There is a level of randomness programmed into the game, and there are automatic things that happen independent of any human input. However, we have to be careful talking about randomness, "scripting", or design mechanics, because EA have said that scripting isn't in the game, and apparently we're supposed to take them at their word, case closed. Of course, I can only speak from my own experience and what I've heard from a lot of my friends that play. These hidden variables, RNG, or an electronic dice roll, are different ways to say the same thing, and they are definitely there in the game. Calling it scripting might just be semantics and not what the devs said in their podcast, but it's all still programming that takes control from players.
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  • PlayerSayers
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    It’s is a video game....
  • Well actually those hidden routines which are not called scripting are so obvious and calculable that you needn't talk about it. Lack of passing accuracy around the box, magic interceptions etc. The point is, EA took the game out of the player's hands. There is nothing left to control. So let's say you are a passing type of guy, they will slow that down against aggressive settings. Balls almost die when played - so even if players are wide open, you make perfect decisions, you will not be able to carry them out, because the game slows everything down. So what's the purpose of a game you can't control? Why are there any championships at all, because the game has no reliability. You are wide open in front of the goal and your attacker takes two extra steps eventhough you've pressed the button beforehand. Sometimes the player shoots, sometimes not.
    Then there are glitches that have been around for years such as ridicolous offensive rebounds.
    In PES there's also some random aspect but all in all players move and behave much more realistically.
  • Sm0key_J0e
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    Totally agree with most comments above.

    EA has made a choice to maximize revenue out of lesser player and have built the game accordingly.
    The game could be a next to perfect simulation but they decided otherwise.

    Just try the F1 game from Codemasters and there you can see how a REAL simulation game works.
  • Mr_Echo58
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    EA should be sued for False advertisement of a game we ve no full control of.
    Dont be idiots buying Fifa20 as EA will promse all the fixes but wont deliver as be4 with Fifa18.
    Buying a trading gsme with pretty cards is fools gold. Wake the F#ck up PEOPLE!!!!!
  • p0larh4wk
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    yeah, EA keeps making the games worse and worse. It's been steady downhill for almost a decade now. At least 7 or 8 years. I won't be giving EA any of my money again. They've shown that they're nothing but empty promises and all their games are nothing but fancy packaging around an empty shell. FIFA isnt even worth 10 or 20$ anymore. Wouldn't buy it even if EA offered 80% discount
  • Sjee_D
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    **** **** company. And sorry but if spend money on this current state of game you are really stupid. Instead of playing fifa I will keep bashing it on social media etc. Hopefully the more people will join. I spam there twitter promos about fifa 20 with a list of bugs that excists in fifa 19. So when they show us fifa 20 promos I will showing the current state of the game (bugs) so people get less excited. WE AS COMMUNITY MAKE THE MONEY FOR EA, LETS STOP. All the big community streamers also advertise with dont spend money on this game, it is going down eventually.
  • Brydobhoy
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    Anyone who spends money on fifa points at all are just stupid, it shouldnt be like that. It should be a level playing field for everyone.
  • Sm0key_J0e
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    EA will continue to give advantages to youtubers (better performance, better pack items) as they influence the kids who spend their parents’ money on packs.

    All others are not interesting and will pay for everything with terrible gameplay and nerfed performance.
  • JefOliveira90
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    You can save your comment and keep posting it year after year, and it will still be just as relevant as it ever was. EA didn't change the core gameplay in years and they probably never will; I remember suffering with this bs since 2013, I remember people complaining back than and STILL there are people complaining about the same things lmao
  • Well actually manual switching between players used to be better - now it's like back in the old days with catastrophic results. Defending is hard enough, now they made switching an additional challenge.
  • GoonerSoldier
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    And where exactly did EA start to lose control of the Gameplay? FIFA12 and TACTICAL DEFENDING. It was FORCED on everyone to use. But EA never FORCED anyone to use MANUAL passing or MANUAL shooting. Do you all see the problem now? You can not and will never had a balanced Football game with MANUAL defending and AUTOMATIC attacking. I saw this coming years ago. And it feels good to be proven right. Fifa12 was the beginning of the downfall. And it will keep getting worse until this issue is addressed.
  • Mr_Echo58
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    EA will never ever address the severe issues with this game.
    They are to bloody **** sure arrogant and wont respond tio the majority out cry of things things wrong.
    Clock is now ticking for their downfall.
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