Did the SuperLig TOTS Guaranteed SBC and got a rare gold 79 rated Mexican League player!!!!



  • Thibautlg
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    Yeah same, I got a 79 gold player WTF??
  • JensDragonrider
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    edited June 2
    I just got Gabriel Paulista from it as well. This might just be the worst mess up from EA so far.
    Sure we'll get compensated, but it's absurd none the less.

    *UPDATE*: just checked the other boards, this is happening on all platforms, it's not just us Switch players getting screwed this time.
  • Zabozroot
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    Same problem, Wijnaldum... wtf EA
  • Gingerboaby83
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    Yeah this will probably get fixed tomorrow, whether they fix it on switch is another question.
  • OddK86
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    Same happen to me, got Joe Bryan 75 rated from Premier League... Seems like the problem also have happen to PS4 users aswell... I took an screendump opening my pack, showing I get Joe Bryan after the Super Lig SBC...
    Hope I get an in return or atleast the player i submitted back...

  • The SBC is back but I didn't get my pack or my players back. @EA_Andy
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