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started 10-4

Mr. Soper
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ended with 13 wins. worst weekend all year. The unbelievable matchmaking was total BS. for some reason I started coming across all these super high press a holes, whos players never ran out of steam. just press all day then have 5 attackers with full backs overlapping. while my fowards would mark the only 2 centerbacks instead of trying to find some god damn space. game sucks. think this was the last straw for a while.


  • Fifa19pro
    52 posts Park Captain
    Found your level, simple as that's really.
  • Xguti002
    2015 posts Fans' Favourite
    You should have different formations and tactics in hand for different types of scenarios. I also learned that if you can avoid feeling enraged while on a losing streak that you can identify what you’re doing wrong and improve to stop that losing streak.
  • BombSquadPuppy
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    Dijkstra wrote: »
    In some cases, losing streak comes a magic power that prevents you from scoring. A better solution is to take a break for like 12 hours and you may find the evil power got tuned down a bit. Believe me, it works. But the best solution is to simply take the break forever. Learn the lesson, skip 20+ until EA knows how to earn trust

    I can vouch for this, i got about 40 seasons played against a buddy of mine, completely tear him up the first 8, seems like his defense gets better around the 9/10th, then he wins the 11th out of the blue with me not even getting a single win.... we start the next season and i tear him up all over again; that cycle kept repeating for all the seasons we played
  • Mr. Soper
    2609 posts Fans' Favourite
    usually stop at 14 wins with 10-5 games left to play.
  • DannySTFC
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    Happens to me every weekend, good start then play against better players and it levels out, but you seem to have had an extreme case of it this WL. I was 15-5, best I’ve ever been after 20 games, 16-9 now because I left a couple of games really early on, don’t have a huge amount of time to play so I just want to get to 17 ASAP then stop, even though at 15-5 I should have been aiming higher then 17.
  • ziotree
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    9-2 then went on an almighty losing streak. Managed to get 14....just.

    Stressful game
  • mufcscott__
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    Fifa19pro wrote: »
    Found your level, simple as that's really.

    You’re an idiot, matchmaking has been messed up the last few weeks now, I’ve been coming up against elite players even after I’ve been on a losing streak
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