How is tots B Silva

470 posts An Exciting Prospect
As Cam?


  • SinkXI
    783 posts Semi-Pro
    125 goals in 111 games for me at CF/CAM. The only downside is 3* wf but I’ve barely had issues with it. He’s incredible
    1388 posts Play-Off Hero
    Got him as a pick, he’s not bad but for chem reasons I traded him in to complete Eusabio
  • limjitwe
    6737 posts Big Money Move
    He’s moves and turns like Messi. But his weak foot is quite a liability IMO. Cost me some games with the poor finishing
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
    12959 posts Has That Special Something
    Very nimble, I got him from a gold upgrade lol. Best 4k ever spent :D
  • Noob_FC
    3149 posts National Call-Up
    Haven't used him... but just a game back, how did he won the header against TOTS militao, I will never understand... Didn't score though
  • Stoz
    182 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    I found him average at best he passes well and can move and get into good positions however he is still very weak and his shooting is defo not what the card says. Defo not worth 550k so I got rid
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