FIFA 19 Commentator Research

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Hello guys,

My name is Aaron and I'm a student of English language at University of Stuttgart, as well as a passionate FIFA player.
As a part of an exciting study/project at University, I decided to analyse the commentators and their typical phrases/statements on FIFA 19 and compare them to real life commentators.

In this context, I urgently need your help:

For everyone: Could you please list all the most frequent phrases/statement used by Martin Tyler and Alan Smith on FIFA 19 ?
For the experts: Could you roughly estimate how often they use the above mentioned phrases/statements in one FIFA match?

I have some of them in mind, but I wanted to gain a brighter overview ahead of the actual study.

Thank you in advance!!!


  • Richie827
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    I give it a 6,no 7.
    I can do better than that
    -Lee Nobody Dixon.
  • Jimtheyid
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    Kane,His name is short and to the point .
    Whatever .
  • Gainzy
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    "Its a fast start here" after the score is 2-1 in the 3rd minute following 3 kick off goals.
  • "Lets flyyyyyy" - every power shot taken outside the box
  • "The refs taken a look at that and said no, its not a penalty" - any legendary/ultimate game in squad battles after the ai has commited gbh on you and chuck norrised you with a roundhouse kick to the face closely followed by an injury substitution of the player after being stretchered off while the ball sits 10 yards away from you in dead space untouched 🤣
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