A Bug

Recently, I suffer a bug which avoids me sending a through ball (the triangle button) or making a lob pass/cross (the square button) while playing. I've checked this and found the problem is NOT my controllers. When I press either triangle or square button it does nothing. Do anyone of you suffer it? How can I fix it?


  • Covkilla91mob
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    Online or offline
  • Online, why?
  • Jimtheyid
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    Game is full of bugs unfortunately
  • mmm1080
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    Some weeks ago at once I lost many games. I relegated to a division level which never happened to me.
    At a certain point I realised there must me something wrong. So I checked the controller settings. The button which is normally assigned to the standing tackle and push/pull I found the text "No function assigned". I could not edit it back to "standing tackle push/pull". I had to reset to standard values to get it corrected.

    So for some period I played without standing tackle. No wonder I conceded more goals than usual.
    Stupid bug. Maybe this is also happening to you?
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