Middle Maradona or PIM Baggio

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Or anyone else. Play cam..


  • Ishibum
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    I had that baggio as a loan card and was legit awful for me. Can't say anything for Maradona but I would avoid Baggio at all cost.
  • limjitwe
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    PIM Baggio was pretty good for me. Frankly I’ve never seen any Maradonna in DR or WL...
  • ngern77
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    I use only baby Maradona and Pim baggio.
    They have different styles.

    Maradona dribbling can tear away the defender( reallynfun to use) but his passing and finishing is not good.

    PIM Baggio dribbling is not fast but the ball stick to his feet and his passing and finishing is brilliant.
  • Grub
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  • NonFlyingDutchman
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    Maradona 95 is a lot of fun, he was my top scorer and had the most assists for me back in january. Not sure he’s good enough now though - especially considering I sold him for just under 1.4mill back then, he hasn’t dropped much.

    It needs to be an icon? I would seriously just go for an end game player instead, Vieira, and make the necessary adjustments to formations etc.
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