Has anyone done PIM Bobby Moore

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Just wondering how does he play compared to PIM blanc?

The SBC for him is so cheap compared to PIM blanc and passing/ defending statists are better. The downside is his height which is only 5'10.

Looking forward to hearing feedback from the community especially who completed him. Thanks.


  • Vaaass
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    Can't tell you how he compares to blanc but I've 200 games with him and think he's been brilliant; that being said I'd rather spend 400k on a tradeable defender than an untradeable at this point, especially given its TOTS
  • Liamooo
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    I have both, or should I say had both, I’ve since put Moore in a sbc I still have blanc. I used Moore cdm he was brilliant there
  • starfox1284
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    I think he reads the game better than PIM Desailly for me....seems to intercept anything. I love his card, especially next to Prime Rio.
  • what3v3r
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    I play him with Blanc. He is good, but Blanc is better, Moore get in trouble with through balls and crosses
  • Murphdogz
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    I've used pim moore for roughly 500 games and I use him in his proper position.he is awesome recently got tots vvd and to be honest Moore out plays him.obviously vvd wins most headers but defending wise Moore is better than him.

    People will say he is no good because he ain't meta.but ain't all about the meta unless you top 100 week in week out
    He is brilliant.try him
  • Grown93
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    He is amazing at CB, CDM and even at CM he plays great. Pass is sublime.
  • Shezzzzzzz
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    He’s great. But for some reason mine loves making random runs for through balls up top. No idea why just every couple of games he is randomly up there during a game and he can’t shoot for shot
  • Cphilly13
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    I play both together... honestly just do moore n struggle through the first 5 games until you get used to him. He intercepts everything... blanc will win every header n if you sit deep he is amazing but if you play football moore is well worth the 400k. The passing out from the back is different class...
  • Seleukos
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    Did him few weeks ago to put him in gullit SBC. But after Ramos went in another SBC he and PIM blanc are my defense. And i am not sure anymore, If i should make him to SBC fodder. He ist very giod
  • JasonF01
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    I like him, but you'll want a tall cb partner and fullbacks around him ideally.

    He's very mobile, agile, good at passing too. I can see why some play him in midfield but I've only used him as a cb personally.
  • tatadwader
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    Who is better in a high pressing system, Moore or Cannavaro?
  • starfox1284
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    tatadwader wrote: »
    Who is better in a high pressing system, Moore or Cannavaro?

    Cannavaro due to pace
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