Remove filters from division 1

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Division 1 is supposed to be the highest level in game(exept site leagues).A lot of people exploit the existence of filters and we end up see 2 man teams and 10 man teams(without gk) in div1.When a team has 10 outfield players and the gk filter on,they will always find a team who has equal or less number of players.Players advantage is a huge thing considering cpu is useless.Also they avoid most of the competitive teams that use gk(vfl,vpg,esports,etc).That how the impressive 10/1+ W/L ratios happen.Filters should exist till division 2.For dv1 u should either recruit more players or learn that stats don't necessarily mean skill.


  • SonicKante
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    Agree. Maybe there should be no filters on division 2 and 1.
  • ScorePlayer
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    The filter for ”any” position should stay though as it’s unfair if someone played with all ”a.i” players.
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