90 VVD or 89 Blanc

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Who would you use? VVD stamina is low but always gives me a hard time when against any version, but Blanc stamina is much better and stats not too far apart, any VVD users not see an issue in stamina?


  • keronc
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    VVD's stamina is only an issue if you give him aggressive interceptions. On normal interceptions, he is good even for extra time. I have the 93 and he is great.
  • JVO97NL
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    I've used both, stamina wasn't an issue for me. Blanc is a beast, best CB I used all year. Van Dijk is alright but not as good as Blanc, atleast not his 90 version. TOTY Van Dijk is just something different, but hey it's all down to your playstyle and personal preference I guess.
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