Necessary change for FIFA 20 - Kit numbers on Career Mode


I doubt that this will read by someone important from EA SPORTS, but I don't lose anything by trying it....

I am a regular FIFA player since the fifa 99.

Although I have tried and played Online modes, I have always finished playing on Career Mode (in this FIFA 19 i have more than 800 hours only in Career Mode).

It is a fascinating mode, with each game it is closer to reality, but there are still many things that could be done.

I understand that making new implementations in the mode has a cost, and that's why I come with a single personal wish (without cost) for the next FIFA 20.

I only ask that, in the way that the player can edit the kit numbers of the club where he is currently manage, also we would have the option to edit the kit numbers of ALL teams and players of the Career Mode.
In fact, the player can unlock (with the EA SPORTS catalog) the ability to edit the appearance of all players (shirt style, style of stockings, wristbands, etc). It would be great to be able to edit the kit number in therer too.

I say that because, with my personal experience with this mode, as you advance seasons and the mode makes signings, we find cases that remove realism to the game.
For example, in my Career Mode player Griezmann is in Bayern with number 36, Luís Suárez is in Juventus with 40, Eden Hazard in Milan with 42, and so many TOP players who are assigned false dorsal .
The same thing happens in national teams.
In real football only numbers from 1 to 23 are allowed for national teams, but in FIFA I have come across numbers such as Griezmann with 1 in France (too unreal), Messi with 32 in Argentina, Neymar with 40 in Brazil , etc.

It is an easy modification to make, on the player would be the one that will modify the numbers (zero cost).

I think that with this we could have something more real for this mode that we love so much.

Thank you so much,


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    Totally agree!! I kno exactly what you’re talking about. All the transfers are fun and make each season unique but those kit numbers...........just awful. Takes the realism out of the game for sure. Definitely need a kit number editor for ALL PLAYERS.
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  • That's!

    But unfortunately I doubt that EA will see a detail like this of the kit numbers in career mode. This error has been since the beginning of FIFA and does not seem to be solved.

    Let's wait to see...
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