Career Mode Suggested Improvements

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I hope you are all well.

Anything to add or amend - feel free to comment 😀

* Visibility of transfer fees for a player, including goals scored, assists, clean sheets throughout their career, split by each different season
* Manager of the year award to be given based on budget and league and cup performances - cash award given to appropriate team as recognition
* Player of the year and young player of the year per league with players upgraded slightly as a result
* AI - Last minute miracle tackles from defenders shouldn't occur
* AI - The defender's pace / speed is more than it should be they catch attackers unrealistically
* Training players - Should be able to train players more in more diverse ways - ie. Increase stamina / strength etc (marginal improvements)
* Should be able to train a player to change / add a position they can play in, if their ability and intelligence is sufficient
* There should be a reserve squad and youth squad so your players can play rather than just sit on the sidelines
* Regeneration of players should not occur
* Off-side's being called immediately rather than in real life which can be five seconds or so after which is frustrating
* Deflections are own goals only if the shot wasn't on target
* I don’t want to control L1+triangle through balls on my chest. If anything let me hold L1 (no touch dribble) so I can either let it the ball bounce or time the drop so he can control it with his foot. Maybe even knee control
* If a player gives a great ball to a teammate who then finishes there should be some sort of way of the player to add a minor boost in ‘chemistry’
* Celebrating by running to the fans should be a celebration that increase the cheering throughout the game and creating a better player and fan connection
* Taking off you shirt should be a celebration for some stars after a 85-90 min goal or 115-120 min goal
* In career mode you should be able to able to choose a manager who you start off with (who looks like Klopp, Pep, etc)
* In career mode the facility of being able to have a FA Cup team, CL team, etc rather than changing your team for cup games which in my case can be changing all eleven players
* In career mode - the opportunity of turning off news conferences - as they make no difference and are annoying
* In career mode - the facility of turning off international job offers
* In career mode - the ability of being able to see all players ratings as we used to
* In career mode - have the facility to see contract timelines for your shortlist
* In career mode - commentators could mention that ie. a player has scored in the last ten games consecutively (player could get an upgrade) or scored a hatrick against the team that they about to play last time around
* In career mode - Older players like Messi / Ronaldo / Ibra shouldn't go down in rating so quickly - annoyingly unrealistic


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    All great ideas, too bad the devs cant be bothered to do any of them. Or ea wont let them. Either way... we wont see any of them sadly :(
  • Sonexis7
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    Make it difficult to control player contracts and happiness, make leagues for youth team and reserve teams, make Press conferences more influential, improve editing in career mode like stadiums, add best jerseys from former seasons for more kits, finance and FFP should be added and become very important, youngsters growth should be based on performance, just a few of my career mode ideas
  • Nadeem
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    I think press conferences should have a major upgrade. At the moment it’s a pointless email that just wastes my time
  • few suggestions on the career mode features for the upcoming fifa20;

    - Other clubs are able to player swap deal with us. Imagine if Valencia C.F offered $40M + Rodrigo for one of your player that they are interested in.

    - Manager from different clubs should be sacked or hired for different clubs to make it more realistic.

    - Big clubs should not be in top 10 of the league. I find it quite weird when I played Fifa 19 using CHelsea and at the end of the season Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal were too often finished at 8th/ 9th or 7th with STARS PLAYERS IN THEIR SQUAD.

    - Speaking of squads, clubs should let their new players play or in the bench at least rather than bought them and won't let them play.

    - Any players who are underperforming for that particular season then their market price should be lower rather than the price goes up as the player geting older.

    - Every team must have U21 or U18 squads for youth development ALSO we are able to buy other clubs youth players.

    - Live press conference. Let us interact with the media even deeper just like you (EA) did with F1 games. Maybe we can do the pre and post match press conference. Especially if we are in a final cup match.

    I know most of my points that I have stated there have been suggested by the people for long time. But seriously tho EA, you gotta do something good for the career mode because there are gamers out there buy this game just to play career mode rather than the ultimate team. Remember the #changercareermode ranting on social media for your fifa 19? DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME, PLEASE!!.
  • j_omkar
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    In career mode, I think most of the work is required.

    1. When you're starting a player career, whoever it may be (created or original), should retain their original faces. Because after retirement, no one goes for a plastic surgery. Just use the player face as is when he becomes a manager.
    2. There should be option to train more players, because who trains only 5 player per week. All the players can have training session preassigned or however we want.
    3. Some player negotiations are so bad, they are like it doesn't matter that we have low stats, we must have a 2 million signing bonus or that kind of thing. Players should only ask more money if they are progressing very much.
    4. Press conferences are the worst. It doesn't matter at all what you choose to say. It should boost morale of the team or something like that, and it shouldn't be over just an email. There should be some questions to manager as they have done in the story of Alex Hunter, like after every match he says something that either increases the number of fans of the club, or makes them hate him, affecting the club's finances, and in turn affecting the board to sack the manager if they don't like what's happening in the club.
    5. Every season they play with the same jersey. There should be a way to change and customize the jerseys which might in turn affect the club's income from shirt sales.
    6. Finally, managers should be able to change a player's position to suit their style and the positions should affect how the players will play, like in FUT.

    I know no one will read this post, as millions have given very good ideas, but EA just doesn't want to change the game. Honestly, why should they. With the faulty things also people are buying the game, so it doesn't matter to them what people think.
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