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from your experience who is the better Goalkeeper Prime Lehmann, Ter Stegen or TOTS Ederson

Not really sure what makes a good Goal keeper since they usually random for me


  • MackFC
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    All goalies have their good & bad games, doesn't matter.
  • Paquetesousa
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    The cheapest, as it makes no difference at all. Just pick a tall One and you are good to go.
  • fred1266
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    ok thank have all 3 but TOTS Ederson and Ter Stergen are untradable

    should i just sell Prime Lehman and use one of those 2
  • JT_cfc
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    Tots ederson is terrible. Just get normal gold ddg.
  • fred1266
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    JT_cfc wrote: »
    Tots ederson is terrible. Just get normal gold ddg.

    he wouldn't be on full chem
  • TheTormentor07
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    edited May 26
    Well I had 84 Kepa make 18 saves against me earlier(still won but was a slog) so no it makes no difference who's between the sticks a tall one is what I usually look for, been using 88 ucl Alisson for a while now and he's decent enough, wouldn't bother changing him tbh.
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