TOTY Modric

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Never see him at WL. Affordable for 2,3m but is he better than pl tots and pims (cruyff) at CAM or CM?


  • Filthee_Fing
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    He’s been solid for me but with the introduction of TOTS and cheaper icons, I sold him for 90 Gullit + TOTS Fernandinho and my play has been a lot better. I used to bang in loads of long shots but with the delays I’ve been getting the past month with WL, he just kept skying them over the bar
  • klaas9
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    thanks not too overwhelming for a 99
  • klaas9
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  • oldboiler
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    I’ve had him a few times in draft and couldn’t believe how rapid he was for a little guy, closest I’ve used to him since is TOTS Bruno Fernandes who is 2.15m cheaper :D At this stage I wouldn’t dump 2.3m in him unless you need a strong link to someone like Bale.
  • WarrenBarton
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    I had him for a couple of weeks. He was very good but not exceptional.
    That was months ago and I reckon you could get way more for the coins elsewhere now.
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