Need some opinions

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My team is

Play 4231 6 Width 7 Depth press on heavy touch and balanced

RCAM R9 ST CR7 LCAM Mbappe and CCAM Neymar

I was thinking of selling my Neymar and maybe even Mbappe for PIM Socrates and Eusebio SBC and have about 2mill coins left. ( my ONLY untradeables are the ICONS in the team.

Was also thinking of swapping Marcelo of TOTS Eder Militao

If anyone has some other suggestions on what they would do with the team please list them open to them
Ideally I can change some things up before I start my last 15 WL games

It does tend to get a bit bland even with the above team however Neymar and Mbappe have been 10/10 no complaints at all and Marcelo leaps like a kangaroo and never loses a header when jumping.
But sometimes he abstains from jumping and given his height loses any headers by default.

Going for Elite one again this week (only reached it once even with this team) sometimes the rng is really really poor.
Average 24/25/26 wins a week no cherry picking games home or away dont care.

Thanks in advance will start WL in 2-3 hours from writing this


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