R94 vs Prime R9?

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Some people say that the 94 version off R9 is better then his Prime, is this really true?


  • Ftl
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    Yes, Try both yourself and find out which you like better. 94 for me
  • Futfanatic
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    R94 over all
  • Lax22
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    Best chem style for r9 guys? Got his prime
  • Jovand1988
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    As ST Marksman
  • joehuk
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    I had his prime last year while they are different games in essence they're both pretty trash.

    I must admit I'm having more success with r94 over r96.

    You really notice M/L over M/M
  • Lax22
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    edited May 25
    After trying him out yesterday, so far i find his prime to be the best striker i have tried this year, find him better then 98 cr7, toty mbappe, Eusebio and his 94 card, but i guess everyone has a different preference
  • Foxsake
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    Eusebio is better
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