Prime Raúl endgame Potential ??

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And Reviews ?


  • ImAtrocious
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    I've been thinking about him to replace NIF Griezmann as the attacking mid in my side - curious to see replies on this as well.
  • MassiveMits
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    He is immense.
    I have him since his SBC.
    His first time shooting is mental.
  • Maro6590
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    Which chem Style ?

    How Would you describe him ? Like agile players at ST like eusebio, Hernandez
  • Foxsake
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    He wasn’t even good anuf come
    End of December
  • joeyvdk
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    He is awesome as a LCAM. Amazing shot, strong, great heading. Outplays TOTS B. Silva by a mile
  • maccag
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    I done him a while back and has 400+ goals alongside Prime Butra and POTM Hazard so in good company and has been pretty lethal in front of goal but he has been missing a lot of chances the last two weekends and become very inconsistent in front of goal so don't know if that's down to gameplay conditions of the WL and he hasn't seemed to be the player he was about a month ago where he wasnt missing anything ..
  • Boommaametw3
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    Foxsake wrote: »
    He wasn’t even good anuf come
    End of December

    He is end game material. I use him right cam. How many left footed with 4* combo do you know?
    Use Hunter and he is as good as any top striker
  • nitraw
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    Foxsake wrote: »
    He wasn’t even good anuf come
    End of December

    this man is shot

    ive had prime raul for close to 400 games. he's got 330 goals and about 90 assists. all from playing right striker or sole striker in 433.
    absolutely phenomenal for me. went through a few rough patches here and there but they happen rarely and last for 1 or 2 games. i got tots auba recently in the tots pack on tue, and with him being added to the team raul is killing it eve nmore.

    everyone is too busy covering auba and leaving raul for all the goals. first 2 games raul had hat tricks.

    now, im not sure what his cost is. question becomes is he worth it over someone who is probably half of what he costs? dependign what your team is obv and your budget but i cannot recommend raul enough.

    also, people sleep on his passing stats. he can very easily play cam where you want. his crossing is the only downside to his passing
  • Grezzerk
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    I got his prime at Christmas and don’t rate him anymore. Haven’t used him for months, played potm reus and fb ibra at st. Now I play pim Socrates and potm reus as st. He’s a good player but I certainly wouldn’t call him end game.
  • Fatmanc
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    For the coins it would cost to do SBC hes semi decent however, there are many more better strikers available for the same if not cheaper cost

    Ive had him since his SBC release, and he has fell further and further down my pecking order.

    Currently use a mixture of FB villa, FB Ibra, TOTS Laca, IF salah and UCL messi
  • sheffutd87
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    In my opinion he’s not end game at all. He’s a mid tier icon and that’s about it.

    I’ve got 600 games on mine and he’s just really not that good compared to top tier icons.

    He’s got an identity crisis. He doesn’t know if he’s a striker / cam / cf. he’s OK at everything, not really exceptional at anything.
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