Help getting prem tots in my team

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Did the guaranteed tots prem. Got myself Laporte.
Then got red wijnaldum and red Bernardo Silva.

Trying to work out if any should start I’m my team.

Seems like a 4321 is the best for chem

This is my current team

Thoughts on Laporte > gold ramos
Bernardo and wijnaldum > sterling and bale

Plz help


  • Lebrowndj
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    Anyone using Laporte or wijnaldum or Bernardo Silva?
  • sheffutd87
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    I’m using both Laporte and Bernardo Silva.

    Laporte plays 98 at CB with anchor, if you believe them. So far he feels excellent, ideally you should use him next to a tall dominant CB though I think. He is more like the classy ball playing CB than the thug to dominate Ibra.

    I’m really impressed with Silva so far too. Using him as a wide CAM with a hunter on him and he feels so quick, smooth and agile. He maybe doesn’t have the raw pace that your Sterling has but he has a more quality feel about him.
  • Lebrowndj
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    Any played gullit or wijnaldum or Vidal at RCAM?
  • DannySTFC
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    I have Laporte TOTS but only played three games so hard to judge yet, a full WL will be the real test. Also have TOTS Silva from my red picks and in the same three games he was excellent, way better then I expected and I’d definitely fit him in if you can, unless you’re going to play me...
  • Pranav
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    Only played 5 games with Laporte so far but he seems class
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