Loaning a player

The CPU can loan a player who is not loan listed, while I can't do the same in career mode. Why???
Can you give me a solution for this??


  • achilbax
    8 posts Ball Boy
    You can ask for a player to get him on loan but you will be refused.My complaint to ea for 20 is that loaning should matter more cause when you let a young player to go on loan the teams that ask the player don't really need him and the player doesn't get games that probably needs.Propositions should be from teams that really needs the player to play on their first eleven or at least the subs.Also on negotiations should give the manager the option to ask for the minimum games his player to play on their team to let him go on loan .

  • glynnerm
    47 posts Park Captain
    should also include a loan fee on top of % of wages covered
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