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Idea for new pack system

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So yesterday I had the worst pack luck I’ve ever had on Fifa. Thankfully all from coins and not actual money.

3x Ultimate Packs
Completed Schmeichel SBC
Jumbo Rare Players from trading Icon
60ish Prem Player Upgrade
20ish 81+ Prem Rare Players
10x Gold Upgrade.
3x Small Rare Gold Players
2x Rare Electrum Players

Out of all those pack the best I got was 87 IF Schar (untradable) and 86 Matic (untradable).

I think that’s a shocking return for what is a lot of packs and I know I’m not the only one who’s had crap luck.

I thought a way of improving it would be to introduce a “pack rewards point system” where for every pack you open you earn points. Those points could only be earned by earning packs and could be redeemed for certain items on its own unique store.

For example you could open 2 ultimate packs, for each ultimate pack you would get 1250 pack points (10% of the coin value). Alongside it you could open 3 mega packs earned from rivals rewards (35k pack x 3 would earn 105 points). This would give you 2605 pack points.

On the new pack points store you could redeem your pack points for a guaranteed 86+ Untradable player or save them for other packs like a base icon pack or themed packs based on whatever promo is out (Guaranteed OTW player for example).

I think this would be a win for everyone including EA as since the players are untradable it wouldn’t have a huge impact on the market.


  • Oneillr
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    EA give this man a job - great idea
  • Jimmi855
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    Tbf it’s a great idea but we all know what EA will Do.
    The pack weight of the redeemed points pack will be even worse than normal so in effect it will become pointless.

    Imagine redeeming points for an untradable ultimate pack and packing a 80 rare as the best card...
  • Grezzerk
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    Tbh I have a feeling if fifa points are banned completely they might go to a mobile game type system. Like for however much you spend you increase your vip limit. The higher your vip limit the more weekly packs you get or something like that. They are definitely going to find a way to still make money from it, there’s no doubt about it.
  • HullCity1904
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    interesting idea, although you seem confused with 10% and 1% but i get the idea

    it would be incentive to buy open packs for sure , however this feels way too complicated for EA...
  • Dazzler179
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    interesting idea, although you seem confused with 10% and 1% but i get the idea

    it would be incentive to buy open packs for sure , however this feels way too complicated for EA...

    Haha I knew it was too early in the morning for me to be doing maths!

  • Delvinho
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    Came in ready to laugh

    This is actually a brilliant idea tbf and I’d love to see it implemented
  • burken
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    this is great
  • Supermario911
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    they wont do it though :(
  • Supermario911
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    good idea though, they may sell more packs with cash so it could be implemented. lol
  • TheMightyBee
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    Great idea but I think they should be earned from buying FP and not opening packs. Reward people who pay money to get shafted from the terrible packs.
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
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    Someone with something useful to bring to the forums, good idea now if only ea had the brains to implement this rather than being greedy money grabbers we would all be happy
  • dregana08
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    If they did this, they would compensate the extra 10% they are giving away by decreasing the pack weights by 10%, so it's counter productive.

    Good idea, though.
  • starfox1284
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    The packs just need to go in general and player purchase or points to buy players is needed.
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