can someone help with tactics and formation

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for some reason it feels like nothing is working and it’s mind blowing


  • Cphilly13
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    What are u using??
  • Mmjnnnn
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    4-2-3-1 i haven’t been on in like 2 weeks idk if i’m just off or what but the deflections are killin me i can’t defend
  • Renamed123456
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    Servers are crummy. They updated them (or something) and it's gone to even worse than it was before. 433(4) has had me done luck buteven when I aim the gameplay has made me absolutely hate the game and way to turn it off.
  • Tubbs76
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    Its the game, not you, last 3 days, no matter who i play, what formation or tatics i use, cant do a thing, have drawn or lot every game, constant defelctions, rebounds, soft goals condeded, passe going everywhere and anywhere to where they are played. The amount of goals ive conceded injury time is now through the roof and my strikers cant shoot to save their lives. Its all about cycles..
  • abhreebhu_45
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    I remember a tots onana failing to save a 30m volley,, **** happens
  • George_Cook_Over60
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    It doesn't seem to matter what players you have, or what formation and tactics you use. You will get all of the above in every match.

    Sad state of a game, needs a lot of repair before people buy FIFA 20. So much wrong and not an enjoyable game to play.
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