wednesday rivals

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never gonna play on wednesday again...opponents i faced in div 3 tonight were way better than div 3 standard...its just silly with this reward system.if u are div 1 player just play in your div and not relegate for easier games...its true that i can be better if i face better players,but i hate cheaters. every week everyone should get rewards from the lowest division in which he was in that week.


  • n2j2000
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    I’ve noticed exactly the same thing.
  • freakjas
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    Rivals is always unenjoyable, especially on wednesday though.
    I just quit as soon as i feel like im getting triggered, idk lol.
    Barely play rivals anyway
  • SuperKMx
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    I find the opposite. Was really struggling in D3 on Monday and Tuesday. Won five in a row tonight and they weren't close matches, either. Was similar last week.

    I guess it just comes down to the luck of the draw as to whether or not you're going to match up with someone who has relegated themselves for rewards or if you're going to get someone who actually is on your level.
  • TheArchitect
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    no joyment at all. except for today when I did Digne. And got a message saying im a ***** for waisting time lol.

    I was 2-1 and he was chasing me the whole time till I went up with 2-1. After that he only sat back to counter me. Wanted me to risk a counter in last 15 min, when I got an assist with nif digne.
    And they try everything till the last second to get a draw out of you. hahah too bad for those kids, playing past their bedtime

    I was just in div 1 but this Digne objective knocked me back to div 2.
  • Delvinho
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    As a Division 1 player I didn’t even bother going for Digne. I agree people shouldn’t relegate themselves but if you’ve ever played in the higher ELO games you should understand that winning is hard enough let alone when you’re trying to get assists with a certain player etc.
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