NIF Messi (94)

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I see his price droped to 380k-ish, so i am very tempted to try him out. How does he play this year?
Anyone in the mood for short (but still few, composed and relevant, sentences long) review? Does he get lost in poor gameplay like so many cards? Read some very mixed reviews on Messi (mostly him not really working this year, how did you lot get on with his card, does stamina really kill the card)?

He would be in this team (would he work there?):

90 Costa 94 Messi
89 Dybala
85Matudi tots Busquetz
86Sandro - 86Varane-91Ramos-85Carvajal
90 Courtois


  • nitraw
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    so my review on him may not be that great because i genuinely dont think he is a player that i'm good at using.

    I had fb zlatan as cam in a 433 4. decided to throw messi in there. he was good. had some great games. but ultimately i missed the presence of zlatan. i'm not the best dribbler/skiller so if you're better at that aspect he may play a whole lot better for you. i just felt i lacked what was needed to get the best out of him.

    zlatan went back in and i havent looked back
  • leon1309
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    Well, if anyone is interested out there...i agree witht he review above: he will be great at one game and mediocre at best the next. His dribling did not really shine for me, but it might be due to bad gameplay. I know i just expected a bit silkier turns with that dribbling stat and he did get pushed of the ball a lot, a swell as cought up by really slow CBs (but thats the game for you). Strangely the end result in my games -stat wise was still a bitsurprising as he was on par with nif CR7 (CR7 had 2 more assists in 8 games played, but they both aweraged 1 goal per game). This might actually be a compliment to Messi as he played wide positions and CR7 was always central. Will try hawk instead of engine on CR7 to see if that helps his goal scoring ratio (to be honest, he did only miss when the game resfused to let me score: 1v1 with the GK, perfectly timed low driven, correct direction and the ball went to corner post...i mean WTF? ..but s said thats EA for you).

    All in all i am satisfied with my purchase, even if he is quite far from the toty Messi i used last year, that was just about perfect card. But for a price and sentimental value i can not really complain. Ok it would be great if he was even cheaper, and he is not really meta, but still..its Messi. Just wish he scored more left footed finesse longshots for me (toty Messi :) )...maybe just have to get more used to him. For the price: solid 8/10

    I must however point up the buggest surprise in my team: tots Busquetz. he was really solid cdm and will be staying in my team, even if i did purchase him a bit late (that pace just put me off) and managed to overpay at the end (118k). But what he lacks in pace he kind of substitutes in defending and passing from the back. For the price: solid 8/10 as well (did not really fel that slow, but did get burned when facing that f*** tots Aubameyang card - yes, he was generally hard to defend against and Busquetz suffered here, even if he ussually did not).

    Did not like Courtuois (low drivens were killing the card), so changed theam a bit: 88 Rijkaard for Varane and tots Alisson (8 chem) for Courtouis. Alisson is a lot better, even if he did conceed a few finesse longshots.
  • CK4795
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    I bought him for 380k and build a team around him for 500k.
    Dont think you can buy someone as good as messi for 380k
  • Devers
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    Best value for coin player in the game.

    Best rare gold in the game.

    If you just like to run run run and bulldoze through players cr7 is your man.

    If you like to play on the ground football with pass and move he is perfect, glides around the pitch, best dribbler of the ball and is surprisingly strong for his size.

    Has one of the best finesse shots in game and wins the odd header.

    Too class player if used properly.
  • Nivaze
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    I know alot of people don’t like Messi this year but he’s hands down the best player I’ve used.

    I’m playing him as RST in a 442(2) next to FB Firmino.

    His dribbling is amazing, you don’t even have to use skillmoves, just some twists and turns and you’re away. His passing is incredible and his finesse shots are still as good as before the patch.

    Obviously he’s weak and wont be able to hold defenders off, but he doesn’t drop like a feather as the likes of Ben Yedder, Mertens, Gomez and you name it.
  • aladdin
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    yeah messi is phenomenal tbh. such a good striker. as you’d expect
  • leon1309
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    Maybe i should try him at striker then...he was good at cam, just not great and I did miss that silky dribbling i was hoping for, but this might be due to bad gameplay.

    Thanks for the tip.
  • Devers
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    Play him as cf in 4411 or 433(5)

    He is made for the position, controls the games from there.
  • SomeLegend
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    Got him untradable and he just does things
  • tezmacfifa
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    Tried him, found him to be really poor. He's basically good only if you constantly la croquette all the time so if you do, go for it. If not, he's not your man.
  • leon1309
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    I dont use La crocetas (would be hypocritical of me, since i complain about people abusing the games mechanics) and i must stress out, that so far he is almost non existant in games (did not score me a great goal so far), but he kind of ends up on those rebunds and low driven crosses, so he score ratio is still decent...and this is all in bad gameplay...wish i could try him out in decent one.
  • IxToMxI
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    I Hope to get him red
  • Zv1k0
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    leon1309 wrote: »
    I dont use La crocetas (would be hypocritical of me, since i complain about people abusing the games mechanics)

    It's only hypocritical because you are complaining about people abusing it instead of EA not nerfing it or removing it. So complain to EA. That way you can complain about it and abuse it without being hypocritical and you are not putting yourself in disadvantage. Win-win.
  • Aspas10
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    I've avoided him. I can't dribble on this game so essentially he's just like all other players that are good at passing and shooting. I've played with him once on drafts and he was hopeless. As too was dybala
  • Devers
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    Let go of the sprint button and dribble then. Its a lot better.
  • Nivaze
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    Upgraded my NIF to the 97 RW version today and he’s even better. Hands down my favourite player all year.
  • Boerieboys
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    Nivaze wrote: »
    Upgraded my NIF to the 97 RW version today and he’s even better. Hands down my favourite player all year.

    I won online drafts today, purely because this 97 Messi was the best CAM i've ever used. Scored 8 goals in 4 draft matches, right and left footed shots, all finesse without using timed finishing. Amazing player.
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