TOTS Ederson or Alisson?

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Anyone tried either / both and can help me pick which one, and why?



  • yogibear
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    Played against both quite a few times, Alisson seems the better GK overall. Ederson is too quick for his own good
  • leon1309
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    edited May 22
    Packed tots Alisson, after using nif DeGea, in epl sbc...tried him for a few games (not enough to tell for sure) but he is very solid so far...and has Best gk distribution of the ball i have used in any FIFA so far.

    Wanted an attacker, but Got decent gk, and Just Lost 30k on 89 Donnaruma (bought him in monday for 100k)...the selloff is insane.
  • Darfi02
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    Alisson is better but there isn't much in it
  • SomeLegend
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    93 de gea same price and better
  • Vezzo
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    Honeymoon period with Ederson atm. Like him and fits my style of play.
  • Jason1986
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    Ederson just like the vast majority of GKs on this game, absolutely horrendous.
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