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Looks like America are looking at the buying of packs, another country following suit???

According to the report EA are concerned about it as the packs made them £850 million last year


  • yogibear
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    They already have a team set up to rethink the process and get a workaround solution for it. Dont you worry, you will be able to spend as much as you want for a couple of years down the line anyways.
  • Chavez76
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    you mean, America is following Belgium now, right?
  • Dolph
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    Well it probably won’t matter if the US looks at packs. In America we have lobbyists and I’m sure EA will spend big money on having them sway any kind of congressional vote in their favor.
  • Dixie81
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    The only time I have spent money on the game and that was to buy it, I don’t bother buying packs never have and never will. My coins come from transfers and I only play squad battles.
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