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Unfortunately, the game needs to evolve a lot and in basic things. Note the level of compression of a professional game, something that can only be achieved in fifa, if we put it, and then by default I get fifa 18, the tactics all 1, minus the defense, not to be too far back, because everyone the two teams, for example, at the time of the charge of a side kick, as in the figure below, concentrates in the place next to the collection, leaving the rest of the field empty and so in all sectors where the ball is in dispute. If we put the whole tactics in the 1 is very close to the ideal, although the players become more rigid due to their proximity to each other, and the passes are slower and shorter due to the option offered by the customized tactics. You do not have to use 100 in the tactics, for example, if you put 100 in the high mark and pressure, then your team will be more open and vulneravel. If you do what I said, then you can, in any fifa, score a little more in the pressure. I wanted you to hear me. I've been studying this a lot since the 90's and I can balance games in tactical tidiness and concentration of the cast in sectors where the ball is played. Thus, it is not necessary to hold defensive sides to be competitive, but to place them to rise in the offensive support, because the defender will be close to the cover, avoiding voids that the spacing between the athletes offers. Anyway, I hope to help. COntato: [email protected]ção+futebol+arremesso+lateral+fotos&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjB9b_Woq3iAhUiILkGHQGnCFgQ_AUIDygC&biw=1536&bih=775#imgrc=2zbaWwSxD4MLXM:


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