Cheating Continues on FIFA, where is the integrity by EA?

I had to stop playing FUT weekend because of how many people are cheating. Between using disconnection method for a no loss glitch, or players trying to cherry pick their matches, it's just out of control. EA has no integrity. They allow cheating to go on in their game because they can't control it because they don't have the resources, because they chose not to allocate resources to fix such issues. Their resource allocation are centered around pack buying.

It's not fun playing a game, and you tie it in the 90th minute, only to have your opponent freight and use the no loss glitch and boom disconnected, your match doesn't count, and then they don't get the loss. Or go into a game, and an opponent doesn't like your team or chances against it, and boom another disconnect.

Will EA ever be able to provide an honest game to it's customers?


  • Devers
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    Preach man preach.....but they don’t listen
  • Stianrams
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    It's very simple really. If you DC for any reason it should be a automatic loss, it does not matter if you where winning or not, as in any other game it should count for a loss.
    The issue with that is the way fifa has you both connecting to a server that is **** insted of dirrectly to the opponent....

    Likewise if you are up by a goal and the opponent looses connection it should be a automatic win for you and loss for opponent.
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