TOTS Fraser

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For the people that used him and OTW Anderson...which is better? Why?


  • tezmacfifa
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    Always hate these questions, everyone changes formations and because of this you could be talking about him as a wide mid, cam, striker etc.

    For me, I use him in 4222 and a LCAM, and also 442 as LM.

    So far he has been very, very good. He's benched POTM Mane, which i thought he would not.

    His issues on paper;

    Height - makes him agile. 90 jump makes him a surprise in the air.
    Strength - aggression and reactions counter that
    Skills - only an issue if you abuse the op crossing methods etc
  • Insan0
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    ^^ ithought the same i took the risk replacing him for hazard .. i used to have 86 fraser and it sucked , but this card is great i even sold hazard hahahah . Hes stamina is amazing!! Can run up and down the field the whole 120
  • illinifan
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    I played against him and he felt so strong, I literally couldn’t get the ball off of him which of so annoying.
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