The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC & console, this includes the changes listed here.

Team Update

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What quality upgrades?

Eusebio, Neymar, Vieira, Socrates,Desailly untradables. Thanks


  • Arron xox
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    Tots TAA
  • krakos000
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    Wait for TOTS Cancelo and get any GK you want
  • Cadey 5
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    Big Pete in Net
    Maldini LCB

  • Ugri
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    edited May 2019
    Thanks guys.

    Thinking now between following backline

    Telles tots desailly prime vvd tots taa tots

    Telles tots desailly prime maldini prime cancelo/lala tots

    Gk least relevant so from 2 above which one?

    Now having said that i might be short on coins but will sell 1000players so.should be ok :lol:
  • Ugri
    7461 posts League Winner
    just made a poll with pretty pics, thx guys
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