Ze Jay
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I've been using toty de gea for such a long time and with the new tots out Allison is basically the same card with the basic chem style if you take away the 5 speed and 1" in height

Would you rather have he 1" taller toty de gea or the Allison who costs 1/3rd of the price?


  • GL
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    I’ve been told that every inch counts
  • MaddMike3711
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    I’ve used TOTY in over 500 games, and now have TOTS Ederson. There’s very little between them, but I do notice a difference in speed when he has to come off his line. Plus both him and Alisson are like 500k cheaper. :D
  • 2easym8
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    There were a few people around yesterday saying TOTS Alisson was rubbish.. it would be interesting to hear some more reviews!

    I’ve had IF Alisson for over 500 games and he’s been great.. He makes some amazing saves! I could only imagine this card would be better??
  • CokePrime
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    I packed TOTS Alisson...but he didn't manage to replace 89 VDS, with basic chem style and that 6'6" frame, middle VDS is just a monster.
  • Dodds
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    Used that Ederson and he didn’t seem much of an upgrade, changed to Alisson yesterday played a couple but his reflexes are phenomenal! Seems to command the box excellently as well!
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    GL wrote: »
    I’ve been told that every inch counts

    It does between 1 and 3 tbf :trollface:
  • Keano
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    GL wrote: »
    I’ve been told that every inch counts

    When you lack the inches it’s about the composure of a high stress situation
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