Weekly Objectives. Glitching again?

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On the Digne challenge, twice it hasn’t registered assists for me.

On the Declan Rice challenge it’s not registering all assists. I have pics of this one. I don’t think it registers assists by Sancho...

Anyone else having issues?

I’m on Xbox one

I tried EA support and it was the biggest waste of my time I could ever imagine. 3 hours wasted today.


  • D0lvl
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    Sancho isn’t Prem League defender....

    Assist with prem league defender.

    You mixing it up with the squad battles objective, Rice?
  • Hannayiom
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    They are both glitching. :( both the declan rice and digne.
  • GT500
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    Rice was working for me on PS4
  • Hannayiom
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    Re the Dinge one.

    I played a rivals game. Was 4-2 up and my opponent quit. Birthday Salah and TOTS Alexander Arnold both assisted goals which were recorded when the game ended after my opponent left. A win was recorded. However I didn’t get the extra point on the weekly objective.

    I asked EA support. What a joke that was.
    Firstly an adviser told me it was a common issue, he had experienced it himself. He would send me details on how to fix it after the chat. Email arrived as promised but the instructions were for PS4 not Xbox one. So I jumped back on chat.

    Second adviser was just rude. Totally ignored what I’d been told and said Salah wasn’t a premiership defender. Even the birthday one. He wouldn’t listen so I asked to speak to a supervisor.

    He then said Salah was fine but if my opponent quits then it won’t record the weekly objective.

    So what exactly is the issue EA? Why aren’t my weekly objectives recording?

    I have picture evidence of the Declan Rice one glitching.

    I just can’t be bothered playing games for these objectives if they don’t work!! Very frustrating.
  • BeastlyHusla
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    We can't do nothing.
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    Worked perfectly for me today. Have rice and digne.

    Make sure you’re on world class on squad battles

    Used alonso and Trent for rice

  • Jpo41
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    Did you guys even buy the lightening rounds? They can barely keep the lights on and you expect them to fix this game that makes them next to 0 money. Buy more FIFA points so they can fix this for 20
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