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How do you arrange your 3 cbs according to their workrates?

Specifically I'm wondering how to arrange potyVVD, toty Ramos, and 88 Desailly/bday Boateng.

I'm currently putting VVD in the middle due to his monster physique.

I'm wondering if Ramos and his h/m workrates would be better for the middle cb though?

Thanks for the input!


  • Delboy13710
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    Found Ramos a beast in the Central position not so much out wide
  • bberger
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    Depends for me. Mostly on my CMs/Wings.

    If I have wings with no defensive ability and low stamina but 2 capable CDMs I like to have quick(ish) passing support types on the sides (Lukaku + Walker for example and a pure defender in the middle).

    If I have physical wingers I orefer more of a rock on the sides and a support type in the middle (mostly when using CMs rather than CDMs).
  • Nodge86
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    Quicker and more agile CB’s go on the outside, that way they can cover the wide areas better. That’s why in real life, players like walker and Azpi work on the outside of the 3. You’ll need CB’s that can jump or are tall in this game though because they’ll defend the back post crosses as well. Ideally both.
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