Does Griez get a TOTS?

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Down in the league in scoring, 5th or so.

Does he get a tots?


  • CharlieC
    6097 posts Big Money Move
    Yeah interesting. Only had one in form card but has 7 cards altogether as he’s popular. I would say no.
  • BeastlyHusla
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    I dont think he will. He;s 8th in terms of goals but the players above him have scored more and done about the same in assists.
  • tatadwader
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    May be a good time to pickup his bday card if we get another little crash then.

    Or I could wait until right before LaLiga tots.
  • Seandimes
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    Not very likely, but its possible he gets an SBC. What are you guys thinking about Ben Yedder getting a TOTS? Probably between him and Aspas, hoping WBY edges it due to popularity
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