Chances of PL league specific packs?

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Rmb they did it last year (1st during lightning rounds in the weekend) and then per account sometime during a weekday.

If likely I might hold off my FPs for those instead as I think those higher chances of packing a PL tots then 50/100/125ks


  • Nervous_Nick
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    We had to beg for them last year...
  • i2-TempZ-2i
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    Hopefully today, pretty sure the upgrade packs came on the Saturday

    Edit - sorry thought you were talking about upgrade packs not fifa points.
  • v4vendetta1978
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    We had to **** at them get them last year and think they only came out on the Tuesday and were in solid for the other leagues will go in hard on these if they come it’s the most fun u can have in this game
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