Will this year's demo be a lie again?

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Happens throughout years.The Demos are always highly spoken.EA creating an illusion of football realism.After the release of the actual games,people discover the fact that It's lean on kids not football fans(even for kids they don't enjoy).I'm just wondering whos gonna pre-order fifa20 and What kind of propaganda EA will bring on this year.


  • Rossi1000
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    The demo is probably what esports are playing while we get some mad inconsistent game for £60

    Never pre order or do early release your paying extra for a game waiting on a patch it’s like buying a car full price knowing it only has 3 wheels while you wait for the 4th wheel to arrive but still try and drive it
    Lol you just wouldn’t buy that
    But Fifa we all buy it knowing it’s broken lol

    Facebook advertising 24/7 on release bird box scarcest film ever made .... its not even a horror but yet everyone had to watch it and Netflix pulled in record viewing numbers
    Great advertising and marketing based on a complete lie 👍 ea are no different
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    A lie? Is it due to the fact you play online and the demo is offline? As online is horrible due to lag etc which causes scripred looling moments, hence EA taking methods (see the latest pitch notes) to improve it..

    What would be helpful is including online matches in the demo so online players can judge it properly..
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