better sound of the fans when scoring and choice of playing at home or away

i think there s a change to be made in the new fifa20,i mean that when you play at home and you score the sound of the fans shouting is good although it could be even louder imo,but when you score away( i play only Season) the sound of the fans celebrating is very low which is dissapointing and not at all motivating!!! so the cries of fans at the away goal should become equally loud and lively like playing home.i think that none player of online fifa would find this wrong.when u play at home it doesnt mean that you dont want to hear the fan of the opponent team shout loudly when their team scores!! i think this is a big mistake
my second proposal is that we should be given the right of the choice, wether we want to play home or away,just like in pes2019.our game(FIFA) is much better and realistic,so why cant we also have this feature as a choice at online gaming? thank you


  • DarkMac
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    Better they solve the gameplay first.... it`s more than fake football at the moment.
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