which Best is the Best as RAM and RM ( Best 88 vs Best 90)

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yes, I can only force 88 and 90. thanks


  • marvson
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    88 for sure. More Stamina etc
  • Johnny Bravo
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    Definitely 88
  • Nogin182
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    I used both. 90 definitely has more quality, better shooting and passing. But the stamina can get annoying. If you've got a decent sub to bring on from the 70th minute or so I'd take the 90.
  • Clanceypants
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    I have played the Prime and the PIM and didn't like the 88 at all. The finishing was bad. I'd go for the 90, but tbf even with PIM Best I take him off around 70th minute.
  • Markman007
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    I’ve tried both and I’m in the minority opinion that prefer the 90. Yes he’s got less stamina, but his work rates are M/L vs M/M on the other versions, so his stamina will last a bit longer than at first appears. The 90 also has noticeably better shooting and passing. He’s generally a better finisher overall. Honestly it’s close between the two, but I like the 90.
  • win123vn
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    Thanks all. I think I will try 88 first.
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