Connection any better?

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Not been on in over a month b4 last night as the connection just totally ruined the game and found it harder n harder to find a game with responsive play, had a update saying improvements to responsive game play however it was worse than ever, played 8 games on co-op season and had 30mins of 1 game it was brilliant, responsive and reacted to your commands and the difference in gameplay unbelievable, can tell straight away even by how u can change between players, the rest of time was shocking, is this just a bad day or is it still usually terrible? Not been on ultimate team either for ven longer as that's run its course with stupid cards, miles prefer realistic ability players not a game that plays for u but even now co-OP seasons suck! Love the f1 and connection on ther great and have fibre broadband so not my connection!


  • WelshXavi
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    Worst it's been in years. Been relegated by two divisions in two nights. I like to play intricate football and lots of passing but unable to do so as the gameplay is so unresponsive. Playing against players who spam skill moves and it's completely undefendable.
  • Tooner9
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    God that sounds to true, is that why everyone keeps doing random flick ups then crossing the ball which is unstoppable even pique out jumped by griezmann twice n griezmann must be about 3 ft smaller....basically fifa is just in a mess because of connection! Back to the f1 game then cos never have any problems on ther but that's codemaster so different servers from fifa
  • Mrhey31
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    Dear EA.

    Please read these things for once. And if you do please do something. I always teach my kids( i’m a teacher) that there are 2 kinds of people in the world the people who work and the people who sit around and do nothing. You have bought and created a monopoly position in the football gaming industry and you act like any monopoly owned company would act. Drain it till there is nothing left to drain from it. Maybe its time you upgrade the servers and find out what the problem is we are all talking about. It has nothing to do with football and everything to do with your creation.
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