Which icon to do ?

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Fun to play with cam or st and is value for coins ( ie less than buying on the market ) tones of high rated and baby icons to burn 2.7 coins
Input welcome


  • SomeNextGuy
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    PIM Socrates.
  • Riotiga
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    Prime gullit/ Eusebio
  • El_Nino
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    Fun to play with? You can’t look past Ronaldinho, brilliant at ST or CAM
  • BayernBru
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    Got to be be PIM Cruyff. 5* skills, 5* weakfoot, high/low workrates, dribbling face stat of 99- surely that's the definition of fun?

    With Cruyff you know you're getting the best version him too, rather than the second best version of the player if you go for Eusebio, Ronaldinho etc.

  • Glass0nion
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  • Tommygunn
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  • Jonx88
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    Maradona is the most fun carx to use in the game alongside Ronaldinho if u like dribbling and long shots, Socrates and Gullit are different players very physical but not flair like the other two, depends on what kind of player suits your playstyle
  • Foxsake
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