Dear PTB: You can learn to defend

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I’ve noticed all throughout this year that people have been bad at manual defending(Not saying all are).

I just dont understand how a player that wont even select his fullback, finds himself in div 3-1?

How have overcrowding your box and jockeying with a single player, become a good solution to poor defensive skills? These players should always be caught on the backfoot from pressure, but that’s another talk.

Why do you do this? As most of the people like that I meet, seem to just lose? It’s like these players are clinging onto their life everytime they play.

Why dont you guys not learn the ropes of manually keeping up with your opponent. Timing your tackles, closing down the right space and all that?
If you didn’t spend so much time sweating to close down ALL space on a 0-0, imagine how much you could improve you offense?

I’m just saying, if you learned to defend, you could improve your attack. It’s a win/win for all of us, and it’s more fun playing an opponent with a fight than a standing wall with Jimmy from 7th grade up front, constantly calling for the ball.
Is it just me?

You can learn it. Now is a good time to practice with the game slowly dying off. There’s not much to play for anymore, so the space is open for practice.
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