A quick review of 3/4 buli mctoty

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I’ve played with these players fornarohnd ten games so I can give people a basic view on my findings.

Rousillon -
Pros - strong, nippy with a good cross.

Cons - short can get caughtbout of position.

I was hoping for a marked improvement on Alaba who for me is the best bundes lb. solid but not spectacular. Overall Rousillon is better at everything except positioning and the lack of height.

I will keep him for now and hope someone better comes up down the line.


Pros - strong and tall

Cons - very slow and cumbersome.

For me a waste of coins. A very average defender with no agility. I will be selling tonight and waiting for bundes toty or upamecano ffs.


Pros - great long distance shooting, 5*skills, great vision and passing.

Cons - a little weak and small

Having used Thiagos gold and blue cards I was keen to buy his toty. He is my kind of player a slick passer with an eye for goal and the ability to beat a man. This car really hasn’t disappointed me. A big improvement on his blue, with 5 goals and 6 assists from cm in 10 games. He is definately staying in my side

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