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RW/RM - RB Combo

1625 posts Play-Off Hero
Hey guys,

I wonder what RW/RM-RB green links combo would you recommend for let's say 300k? It could be a bit more or a bit less as well as I don't have many ideas?


  • GeorgeGervin
    1770 posts Play-Off Hero
    Cancelo - Cuadrado

    My fave has been:

    FB Alves - RW Mbappe
  • Empyrium7
    3364 posts National Call-Up
    edited May 2019
    what players do you have ? what league or nation ?

    Cancelo - Cuadrado, Dybala
    Lala - Mbappe
    Aurier - Son
    Calabria - Suso
    Walker - Sterling

    Edit - just seen it should be under 300k - nevermind me then
  • GeorgeGervin
    1770 posts Play-Off Hero
    If you don’t have that Alves you could try am IF meunièr to RW Mbappe
  • ImAtrocious
    1798 posts Play-Off Hero
    I'd say OTW Cancelo at RB and then Live Cuadrado is a pretty combo. I'm currently using OTW Cancelo and HL Suso, which is cheaper, but I don't think that's the green link you need.
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