EA deliberately not improving Career Mode in favor of UT

It's that time in year when new FIFA will be announced soon with that in mind what's new for Career mode? Career mode is declining for years now, and EA doesn't seem bother with that. I will not include what's everything wrong with this mode, just list with staff taken away from Career Mode.

1. Staff Upgrades
2. Control of tickets prices
3. Dinamic Interviews
4. Dinamic Fans behavior
5. Sponsorship offers
6. Loyalty Qualifiers and Bonuses
7. Fan Appreciation
8. Stadium upgrades
9. Dinamic attendance
10. Financial Summary after every game
11. Individual stat training
12. Team chemistry

Career mode is stalle. Is that what EA wants? Career mode players to move to Ultimate Team, put some dollars in player packs?

I sure will not buy new FIFA for 2nd time in a row.

Neither should you.


  • p0larh4wk
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    Completely agree 100%. I for one will not buy fifa or any ea game until they fix career mode. Make career mode great again!
  • TeamExtreme17
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    Neglecting Career Mode does NOT make me want to play FUT. It makes me not want to buy Fifa at all and Fifa 20 may be my last.
  • MJD85
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    Buy PES
  • Wyojasond
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    MJD85 wrote: »
    Buy PES

  • MaldinisHeir
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    I don't bother with Career Mode. I just use Football Manager to simulate seasons and play the matches through Exhibition Mode in FIFA or PES (whichever has better gameplay).

    Football Manager gives you everything you need from a Career Mode: fixtures, league tables, cup draws, other teams' results, a transfer system, youth teams, injuries (which are actually linked to training, coaching and rotation), player interaction and contract negotiations .....the list is really endless. It does everything.

    The only thing is I want to actually play the games. So this is where FIFA or PES comes in. Having set everything up in Football Manager I simply play the games in FIFA or PES.

    Because I am not stuck in some rigid career mode I am able to edit as I go so I can update squads and change opposition tactics to reflect what's happening in Football Manager. The only thing I need to do then is ensure that the results of each game (not the scores) are the same and then I pull everything together in an Excel spreadsheet.

    It sounds like a lot of work but for my version (which is pretty rough and ready) I usually play about 2 x 16 minute games per hour which is enough to get through a couple of games a day.

    You could go even more hardcore and edit every detail but I'm happy with my lot.

    Anyway in my "career mode" I am now in 21/22 and the Qatar World Cup is in November/December. Football Manager have done an amazing job re-arranging the fixtures so that the season started in July and I presume there'll be a knock on effect the following season. Apart from being a nice detail it's also really mixed things up. It's changed the usual order of fixtures and just freshened things up.

    Some might say this is an excellent attention to detail but I actually just think it's a pretty basic thing for a company that is developing a football game to think abut. Obviously it didn't even dawn on EA to factor this in. And forget about Brexit.

    I just don't know what developers do at EA. Surely the person whose job it is develop Career Mode must be completely depressed.

    Developer: I have an idea for...

    Boss: Don't.

    Developer: But....

    Boss: Don't.

    Developer: Except that...

    Boss: Zip it.

    Developer: You- you can't even--

    Boss: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, ex-zip-it A....

    and so on.....
  • p0larh4wk
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    Maybe all the devs for career mode got so depressed from their bosses ignoring their ideas that they quit or ended up in the mental ward or something. Ea just doesnt wantbto tellmus so they can sell more copies even if they havent really worked on career mode at all for almost a decade. Who knows maybe the career mode devs are all dead and ea didnt bother telling us.
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